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Turnkey 5.0 is one of the best firms for Turnkey construction and design in Bangalore. We guarantee hassle free execution of complete construction and design process for you with site supervision and project timeline reporting.


From structure design to complete construction management and design planning to execution, finally owning your dream home or office seems like a long and tiring process, doesn’t it? Not anymore. At Turnkey 5.0 we manage turnkey construction and design projects for you. From Planning and Procurement to Labor and Site Supervision and complete Project Handover, we do it all so that you have a hassle free experience. All this with a 45 day handover and 1 year free service. Wait! There is an 8 year warranty too! If you want to know what makes us the best Turnkey Construction & Design Company in Bengaluru, keep reading.


Turnkey5.0 stands for the convenience of complete construction and design process. This is the one stop for all your construction and interior design needs. From planning to execution, management and handover it is our motive to understand client requirements, needs, taste and persona and bring them to life. We always set ourselves to push the limits to deliver good quality construction and services for our customers.


What is Turnkey Construction & Design?

Turnkey Construction and Design means that the contractor or the service provider becomes the one point contact for the property owner for Design Planning, Architecture, Construction, Interiors, Handover and Post Handover Services.

This package deal or turnkey construction & Design in Bangalore is a growing trend as people are too busy in their daily lives to spare time for long durations on a daily basis to manage the construction and design of their home or office property. Instead they find it convenient to handover the property to one agency that takes care of complete turnkey construction and design and report to them on a daily basis.


5 Stage Approach to Turnkey Construction & Design in Bangalore

With everyday evolving industry standards and client expectations, even turnkey construction

& design process needed improvement. The previously known 4.0 standards now demand a new 5.0 standard. Our five stage process is a small endeavour towards setting new standards in the turnkey design and construction in Bangalore where we have our head office. The five stages of turnkey construction and design are listed below.


Stage 1 : Concept for Turnkey Design & Construction

Conceptualization of the client idea is the first stage. Before conceptualization and proper understanding of client insights, one can never satisfy the client.


Stage 2 : Planning

Once the concept and idea is clear, then we start planning the structure of the building or the look & feel of the interiors of the space in focus. While planning both these we keep the final concept at the center of schemes.


Stage 3 : Design

As soon as our team is done brainstorming the latest trends and styles that suit the client preferences, we start designing the 3D model of the building that depicts the structural design and innovation.


Stage 4 : Execution

The developed 3D design plan once approved and finalized by the client goes further into the process of execution. Our skilled site supervisors along with raw material and manpower manage the operations at the site and keep the client updated.


Stage 5 : Handover

At the final stage, we audit the site and finish the final touches to get it ready for the handover to the client. The complete process and daily progress is briefed throughout the execution phase and with the final reveal and client feedback we handover the keys to the owner.


Turnkey 5.0 Offers the Best Turnkey Construction & Design Maintenance in Bangalore

As mentioned earlier about the increasing expectations of the clients, we realise that with turnkey construction and design in Bangalore, people are satisfied with the one point contact and other advantages. However, they are still left waiting for more. At Turnkey 5.0 we offer them that little extra in the form of free service and warranty. That is right! For any Turnkey construction or design project executed by us, we promise a complimentary maintenance service of 12 months. Not just that, our handed over projects come with an 8 year of replacement or repair warranty. We believe that handover is not the end but a new beginning of customer service that really brings happiness to them.


At Turnkey 5.0 we specialise in turnkey construction and design along with post handover maintenance and warranty. Talk to us about your project and we promise you 100% satisfaction and happiness.

Masoom Jindal

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