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# VILLA | Mr. Ravi House

This project is a construction of  Villa – Mr Ravi House situated at Tanjore with Plot Area – 2400 sqft and  Built-up Area – 4000 sqft.

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Masoom Jindal
project type:
Mr. Ravi
In Progress
November 22, 2020

Design in Details

The word “contemporary” essentially means “moment”, which makes this style very difficult to define. This style dates back to the 70’s and is unique because it borrows elements from many other aesthetics. In it you can see a nod to modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design. Another defining point of contemporary design is that it is constantly evolving. Unlike other styles that are more or less carved in stone, what may change today may change in a few years. In this case, however, they must have two equal priorities. Form is one of the basic elements of contemporary design. It is one of the elements that distinguishes this style of design from other, similar aesthetic elements, such as modern design. When we talk about “form,” we are actually discussing shape. Where modern design is synonymous with clean, almost square lines, modern design takes things a step further. These spaces often contain a mixture of straight and elegantly curved lines, which can be considered a slight nod to the roots of art deco of this style. Ideally, you should incorporate these eye-catching lines in a variety of ways throughout the design. If not, try to include some curved furniture, lighting or decorative elements.


Plot Area


Build up area

Incredible Result

The final result is based on the choice of colors and for modern and contemporary design, neutral colors are key. Neutral shades are the cornerstone of modern design. If you are trying to pay tribute to this style, the main part of your design should be black, white, tan and gray. Occasionally, bold solids can be used, but if so, they are usually relegated to a roll of accent shade and used sparingly. Finally, you can decide whether you want to add a color spray or stick to neutral mixing. However, if you decide to go the other way, it’s a good idea to include a lot of texture in your design.